A painted ladies house

Giant lady legs leaning from the window of a gift store in Haight-Ashbury districtGroovy! You’re here.

Please join me on this 2 hour walk of hip Haight-Ashbury as we relive 1967, the Summer of Love and the heart of the hippie movement.

This 2 hour tour is available on weekdays starting at 10:00 and at 1:30. The cost is only $25. (In order to book, please click here or on the “Group Tours” tab above.)

In addition, we offer a private/corporate tour option on weekdays starting at 10:00 and at 1:30 for up to 15 people. The prices is normally $200, but is offered at an introductory price of $160. In order to book a private/corporate tour, please click here or on the “Private Tours” above.

Among other highlights in this fascinating historical, artistic and cultural journey, we will visit the homes of, and explore the lives of, many rock legends, including The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and Country Joe and the Fish.

But the Haight has so much more to explore.  We’ll learn about iconic Golden Gate Park, the rich history of baseball in Haight-Ashbury, the famous (Rudolf Nureyev), the infamous (Hell’s Angels, Charles Manson), the confusing (Patti Hearst), and the artistic (Robert Crumb, Allen Ginsberg).

And, of course, what would a tour of Haight be without visiting several “Painted Ladies” (San Francisco style Victorian homes) and discussing what makes them so charming?  Throw in a brief but fascinating history of Haight-Ashbury, and you’ll have an experience to tell your friends about when you go home. You may even find yourself saying words like “groovy” and “right on.”

Once in a while, you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right
(Robert Hunter – lyricist for the Grateful Dead)